Kevin The Red

Kev The Red is this week's super hero with 25 points and moves up to mid table.

Dids stays out front but a huge reshuffle see's Graham drop from 2nd to 6th in the league afte posting a miserable score of 4. Harry jumps to 2nd from 4th and uncle Don is the imposter sitting in an unfamiliar spot in the top 5.

The scores ranged from 4 to 25 in thsi hard to predict week with only Arsenal and Spurs from the big clubs picking up wins.

08 April 2024

Luke Forrester

Luke continues his good run of form and for the second week in a row is the top scorer, this week with 23 points.

No change at the top but only 10 points seperate the top 4.

Another super quick turn around with the next round of games starting tomorrow lunchtime.

05 April 2024

Harry Lee

Harry Lee is the Manager of the Month with 64 points. Which also moves him up into 4th spot.

Dids stays out in front.

Quick turn around. Next games start Tuesday.

Luke smashes this week with the top score of 21 points. 

31 March 2024

Graham Luty and Dids

Another great week for Graham and Dids, with Graham scoring top marks of 23 and Dids 21 keeps him out in front with Graham hot on his heels.

07 March 2024

Graham Luty and Dids

A great week for Dids and Graham who both pulled in 23 points.

01 March 2024

Graham Luty

Graham has a fine week and his top score of 25 propels him into 4th spot.

James continues his slump and is now 5th after being top not too long ago.

This week's prize plonker is John McNiff, who books himself a seat at the Zero table.

Another funny old week ranging from zero to 25 points!! This was helped by all the top clubs winning apart from Spurs and Chelsea.

Paul Evans continues his excellent run of form and is the 6th different "Manager of the Month" with a total of 62 points.


20 February 2024


A funny old week, with all the top, big, honest clubs and Mancheater £ity winning.  

No draws or bonus points were to be had by anyone. Only Dave and Glyn did not get 12 points!

13 February 2024

Harry Lee

Harry Lee is this week's top dog with 17 points, while John McNiff has a mare with his tiny 4 points.

Glyn is the first cashballer to join the 300 club.

06 February 2024


Glyn stays out in pole position.

Mr Barber has the lowest score this week with 8 points and the only player to score in single figures.

02 February 2024

Kevin The Red

Kev The Red is our 5th and different Manager of the Month with his 56 points. Nice one Kev.

Glyn is the highest scorer of this week with 27 points that keeps him out front at the top of the table.

The lowest score this week was Graham Luty with a truely pathetic 12 miserable lowly points. Tut Tut Tut.

23 January 2024

Paul Lee

Paul Lee is this week's top chappy with an incredible 16 points.

Only 3 points seperate the top three.

03 January 2024


Jess is this weeks top girl with 11 points, and only her and that young chap Paul Lee getting into double figures.

Dids and Dave Barber join the Zero club and bring shame upon themselves. Smarten up you Christmas puddings.

All change at the top as a result of a difficult week and we have a new leader in Graham. Well done pal. Dids does tumble 3 places!

Only 3 points seperate the top 4.

25 December 2023

Kevin The Red

A great week for Kev The Red with 16 points.


Don't forget there is a Thursday KO this week.

18 December 2023

Luke Forrester

Luke picks up the MOM award with his 41 points.

Dids stays out in front. 

Jess and Johanne are this week's high flying Birds with 11 points along with Luke in what has been a very low scoring week.

10 December 2023


Dids and Jess were the only cashballer's to get in double figures with 12 and 11 respectivley.

This gives Dids a healthy lead over his nearest rival James Davis.

08 December 2023


Uncle Don is the top scorer this week with 18 points. Dids takes command back at the top but only with a slender 1 point lead.

A date has been set for the trial of Mancheater £ity with the 115 charges of serial cheating due to begin in late Autumn 2024. Bags of time for them to bury and side swipe evidence! Standard.

ps quick turn around as next fixtures start tomorrow.

04 December 2023

Jack Lee

Jack is this week's top fella with 13 points. Lucky for some.

Unlucky for Everton as a 10 point reduction for cheating FPP rules leaves them with only 4 points. Everton only cheated in the last couple of years unlike Mancheater £ity whose 115 charges span 10 years. Wow ten years of cheating, that should see them in the Unibond league if there is any justice.

28 November 2023

Graham Luty

Graham takes the 3rd Manager of the Month award with 67 points. Nice one Graham.

James Davis is this week's superstar with 19 points, which takes him back into top spot.

Glyn and Dave Barber have a mare and only pick up 4 points.

13 November 2023


Shaun finally finds his form and is back to his best with this week's top score of 22 points. Welcome back pal.

All change at the top as Dids has a blonde moment and was the only cashballer not to bank on the Serial Cheaters smashing up the rule abiding Bournmouth.

Glyn moves to the top of the pile but only 3 points seperate the top three.

07 November 2023


Johanne is this week's high flying bird with 23 points. This propels her to the dizzy height of 8th.

A terrible week for Shaun and Kev who both score 8 points.

Dids stays out front but Glyn is hot up his rear and trails by just 2 points.

30 October 2023

Harry Lee

Harry was so close to our first Max out and moves up into 2nd place behind Dids.

A very high scoring week with the lowest score being 14.


24 October 2023


Dids takes the second Manager Of The Month award with 69 points and stays out front by 10 points.

Glyn is this weeks top man with 19 points which takes him into 3rd spot.

Graham is this week's plum duff with 6 points and this drops him from 3rd place down to 5th.

Another defeat for the cheater's as they are shot to pieces by the mighty Gunners. Pippa said not too worry as the next transfer window is not too far away and they will buy themselves out of trouble with their fools gold. Same old story!!

09 October 2023


Dids continues his fine form and has this week's top score of 12. This keeps him out front with a 10 point gap to James Davis.

A low scoring week as Wolves smash up Mancheater £ity. Only days ago they was talking of a quadruple and going the whole season undefeated!! Idiots.

03 October 2023


Glyn is this week's superstar with 19 points.

We have a new leader as Dids takes over at the top by two points.

25 September 2023


Andy Didds is this weeks shining star with 25 points which moves him within two points of the top spot which is still held by James Davis.

A great week for John McNiff and Harry who both score 23 points. This moves John into fourth spot. Well done John.

19 September 2023

James Davis

James Davis picks up the first MOM award with his 73 points.

Shaun has finally found some form and along with Didds and Graham are this weeks high flying birds with 20 points.

Paul Evans was the only cashballer not to pick up any bonus points and is this weeks DODO with 10 points.

04 September 2023

James Davis

James Davis smashes it this week with 23 points.

Shaun continues his dismal form with the lowest score of 11 points and his strong shoulders prop up the entire league.

27 August 2023

James Davis

James and Graham are out in front with Shaun propping up the pack.

Its early doors and we have a most unfamiliar top 5, and with the cashball maestro Shaun languishing bottom the table makes for interesting reading.

22 August 2023

Steady week

Welcome back and a great week for Dave Barber, Graham and James who all scored 19 points.

Bad start to the new season from the veteran Shaun who scored the lowest with 10 points. Pudding!!!!!

A funny week to predict with only Man Utd, Newcastle  and Arsenal from the big clubs picking up wins.

Don't forget there is a game this Friday evening.

15 August 2023

New Season

A new season is almost here. Any problems logging in message myself or Didd's.

15 July 2023
Andy Didds 410
Harry Lee 402
Glyn Norcliffe 397
James Davis 395
Uncle Don 388
Week 30
Kev The Red 25
Harry Lee 23
James Davis 23
Andy Didds 21
John McNiff 17
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