Wow Shaun smashed the final week with 21 points and wins the league with 461 points.

The final 'Manager of the month award' goes to Uncle Don with 66 points.

Good luck to Man Utd in the cup final up against the serial cheater's. 

29 May 2023


Wow Glyn has had a stormer of a week with 19 points and rockets up to the table to 4th spot. Well done Glyn.

It was on average a very low scoring week with only Man Utd from the top clubs winning. Well done Reds.

ManCheater £ity finally managed to sell its wembly cup final tickets after 3 week of going on sale. Man Utd sold out within 3 hours! Well done £ity.

Also well done to £ity in selling out its final home game against Chelsea, they had over £600 million sat on the bench but still managed to field a team of full internationals!!! Strength in depth or strength in financial cheating? The 115 charges will out them!

'The Times' had a headline 4 days go. "Are Man City one of the greatest teams or one of the greatest cheats"?

What is the point of winning everything when you have cheated ala Lance Armstrong?

23 May 2023

Harry Lee

Harry almost maxed out and only the team under investigation for cheating on an industrial scale let him down. But well done on your 27 points.

Shaun had a shocker with 8 points and his 'thinking outside the box' failed miserably. for the first time in ages he has been knocked off the top spot, although the top 3 are split by only 3 points.

16 May 2023

Low scoring week

A low scoring week with nobody picking up bonus points and no draws.

Top marks go to Kevin The  Red, Johanne and Jessica who all scored 12 points.

09 May 2023

Top scores

Top scores this week go to James Davis, Harry Lee and David Barber, all with 16 points.

Shaun stays out but Paul Lee is hot on his heels.

This week's plonkers are Graham and James who both only scored 8 points...

03 May 2023

Paul Lee

That witty chappy Paul Lee is this weeks top jockey with 21 points. This also makes him Manager of the Month with 55 points. Well done Paul.

Jess somehow manages to score 3 points, I will have a word!!

Arsenal fans are a bit low at the moment, but don't worry too much, when Mancheater £ity lift the title it will only be taken off them when the independent commision get through the 115 seperate charges of cheating.


28 April 2023

Man Utd

No change at the top as Shaun stays out in front.

Luke gets the wooden spoon this week with 4 points.

Well done to Man Utd for reaching the FA cup final after selling all its semi final tickets.

Well done to Mancheater £ity for trying to sell its semi final tickets but failing miserably (again). Bless.

Man £ity have put planning permision in to the council to extend the rented ground!!! It will spoil the song as 25,000 empty seats does not really rhyme!!!! It's probably another way of cheating the figures.

24 April 2023

Jack & Don

Jack and Don are this weeks high flying birds with 14 points.

James Davis was the only cashballer to get any bonus points with his prediction of the Leeds game having most goals.

Shaun stays out front but only three points seperate 2nd from 5th.

18 April 2023

Jack & Don

Jack and Don are this weeks high flying birds with 14 points.

James Davis was the only cashballer to get any bonus points with his prediction of the Leeds game having most goals.

Shaun stays out front but only three points seperate 2nd from 5th.

18 April 2023


Shaun is this weeks top scorer with a great 16 points.

Jessica and her Grandad John are this week's prize plonkers with 4 points!!!!

10 April 2023

Graham Luty

'Wow' Graham Luty nearly maxed out with 27 points this week. This propels him into the top 4 and also makes him "Manager of the Month" with an incredible 70 points.

04 April 2023


Shaun extends his lead at the top with this week's highest score of 19.

There is a break for the internation games. The next KO is 01st April. Mancheater £ity are the first KO on April fools day, quite apt dont' you think!

21 March 2023

Harry Lee

Harry Lee continues his great run of form and slams in this week's highest score of 17 points. This propels him to the dizzy heights of 4th spot.

Didd's has a poor week with 6 points and see's Shaun retake the lead albeit on the away goal rule. They both sit proudly at the summit on 311 points. 

And so Barcelona have been accused of corruption. They allegedly paid £6.4m to a company owned by the senior refereeing official to influence match results!! During the period in question a certain Pippa Guatimala Peppa won 14 trophies. This is one dodgy chap. It seems he does not care what a club has to do in order to win on the pitch!

13 March 2023

Uncle Don

Don was the only cashballer to get any bonus points this week.

Didd's stays out front and scored the highest this week with 14 points along with Graham and Luke Forrester.

Jess managed the lowest score with only 6 pints.

07 March 2023

Harry Lee

Harry Lee is the Manager of the Month with a great 48 points. Well done Haz.

Didds stays out in front but only by two points from Shaun. Well done Didds.

The mighty Man Utd pick up the first silverware of the season and are the only Manchester club with silverware without a big fat asterix. Well done REDS.


27 February 2023

Adam Luty

Adam has absolutely smashed this week with 16 points.

So Man Utd could be bought by an Arab called Sheikh Hamad Bin Jassim.

A spokesman for the club has said that any bid would have to be based on; honesty, integrity and have moral principles and with an interest in football.

So a complete polar opposite to the owners of Mancheater City!!!!!!

19 February 2023

Harry Lee

Harry Lee is the top man this week with a score of 15 points.

Shaun has another mare and scores 4 points for the second week running. 

Didds somehow slips in at top of the table.

Pippa has issued a groveling apology to Steve Gerrard over his "stupid comments" ref slipping. No signs yet of him apologising for his role in the cheating. There is no way he didn't know what the Dodgy club was doing.

14 February 2023

Oh there is a God

Well well well,

It appears everything the footballing world has been saying for over a decade is finally coming out!!!!

Man £ity have more revenue than Barca, Real Madrid, Man Utd, Liverpool. Ha ha ha ha lies lies lies,

Six premier league titles now worthless

2 FA cups worthless

5 league cups worthless

Man £ity reputation worthless

All the players medals worthless

Aguero's dramatic moment worthless

08 February 2023


Jessica Lee becomes the 5th 'Manager of the Month' with 52 points in total.

Shaun has a great week with the top score of 24 points and regains top spot.

24 January 2023

Didds & Graham

Didds and Graham slam in the best scores of 15 points. This also propels Didds into 2nd place, dropping Shaun down into 3rd.

If Man £ity thought things could not get any worse after the humiliation at Southampton (£400+ million on bench) they had their pants taken down by the mighty Man Utd.

Haaland was not on form but he has things on his mind like picking up his girlfriend from school!!


15 January 2023


Shaun has finally been ousted from top spot after another poor week.

Glyn is now top jockey and sitting proudly at the summit for the time being.

Paul Edwards is this week's highest scorer with 18 points and the only person to get all his wins/losses and draws correct.



06 January 2023

Graham Luty

Graham Luty is the Manager of the month with a great score of 62 points. Nice one Graham.

Johanne Lee is this week's star pupil with 24 points.

Shaun stays out in front despite him failing to enter week 16's predictions!!!!!!!

29 December 2022

Simon Cawley

Simon has totally smashed this week with his 15 points. 

Simon was the only cashballer not to pick the £1.09 billion squad of Man £ity to beat the humble Brentford.

Good luck to England. Bring it home boys.

14 November 2022


A great score from Didds with 16 points, moves him up into 4th place.

Shaun is the first member of the 200 club.

06 November 2022

Adam Luty

Wow what a score from Adam. Just the sending off missing for a full house! Adam steams into 3rd place.

One of our young cashballer's has asked why Man £ity is not considered a 'Big Club". Bless.

Just to put his mind at rest there are three criteria that must be met by all 'Big Clubs'.

1) A club must own its own ground and not rent one from the council. 

2) A club must consistently be able to sell out its home fixtures both in the league and cup games. Epic fail.

3) A club must be able to fulfill its allocation of Wembley tickets without having to return some. Supreme fail.

Just to put things in context for him. The last time Man £ity won European silverware was 1969/1970 season and that was only the Cup winners cup. We was still using ten shilling notes and Neil and Buzz had not long since walked on the moon!

Man £ity a Big Club you say? Not on your nelly.

31 October 2022

Paul Lee

Paul Lee takes the third manager of the month award with 54 points pipping Glyn by a single point.

Paul Edwards is this week's star man with 15 points with Simon being the prize plonker with 2 points. 

This week was a really low scoring week with only Newcastle from the "Big" clubs picking up a win.



25 October 2022

Luke Forrester

Luke Forrester is this weeks top man and is the only cashballer to get all his wins and losses in. Well done Luke.

21 October 2022

Paul Lee

Paul Lee finally finds some form and smashes this week with an incredible 23 points. Well done lad.

John McNifff and Luke somehow manage to score only 6 points!!!! Puddings.

Shaun extends his lead at the top by another 2 points. Lucky really!


17 October 2022


Shaun continues his run of good form and extends his lead to 10 points.

John McNiff is the only cashballer to not score in double digits!

11 October 2022


Shaun has smashed this week with 20 points. Which moves him clear at the top on 120 points. Shaun also take the 2nd Manager of the month award with 51 points.

An update into Man £ity cheating investigation. The Premier League investigation has been going on for two years now, but the £ity legal team are being very effective with legal blocking. One of the  many issues into where did all the money come from, is the £340 million sponsership with Etihad, who at the time were a loss making company. They also invoiced £12 million for a shirt deal worth only £4 million. There are also other cover ups.

Anyway, until the investigation is complete the last worthy trophy that Man £ity won was back in 1968.


04 October 2022

John Mc Niff

John McNiff is this week highest scorer with a score of just 12 points. Well done John.

What a crazy week for cashball with only John McNiff, Simon and Kev The Red getting into double figures.

06 September 2022


Shaun is on his own out front on 96 points although only six points seperate the top 4.

27 points was achieved by Shaun, Harry and Paul Evans this week, so close to a 'max out'.

Simon is this week's duck egg with the lowest score of 14 points.

02 September 2022

Graham Luty

Graham scores this week's highest points with 25. This ties him at the top but Graham win's the first "manager of the Month" award on the count back rule.

A high scoring week with all the top teams and Man £ity winning.

Only James Davis failed to pick up all his wins/losses.

28 August 2022

David barber


David Barber is this week's top cashballer with an impressive 21 points. Simon scores the lowest with 6 points, take a moment Simon!

Shaun the leader after two weeks has a mare and his misserable 8 points drop him into fith place, although there is only 3 points seperating the top 5.

One of our senior cashballer's has asked what the current position is with the Blue side of the town. See below an article from the Mirror newspaper;

"The elephant in the room, something the main broadcasters won’t talk about, is that Man City are currently under Premier League investigation into their finances. Where is the outrage that since March 2019 when the Premier League launched the investigation into City, they have won six trophies?"

The author of the report went on to say that an asterix should be placed against any trophies won until after the investigation.

We all know that Man £ity are guilty of cheating and that they only got away with the last charge because the evidence was "time barred". However they have the best team of lawyers in the world furiously looking for loopholes to get them out of the dark dishonest mire that they have created.

23 August 2022

Jack and Jo

Jack & Johanne are this week's top jocks with an impressive 21 points.

Shaun stays out in front.

16 August 2022


A great start to the new season for Shaun with an impressive 17 points.

08 August 2022

New Season

Hello and welcome back for a new season of cashball.

To spice things up there will be an extra 40 points up for grabs (10 points each) for the correct prediction of:

1.  First manager to get the bullet.

2.  Team to finish top of league.

3.  Team to finish 10th.

4.  Team to finish bottom.

Please text myself or Didds with predictions and I will publish the list on Sat 13th August. All predictions must be in by that date.

05 August 2022
Shaun Rowarth 461
Paul Lee 443
Harry Lee 437
Paul Edwards 431
Kevin The Red 429
Paul Lee
Adam Luty
Johanne Lee
James Davis
Harry Lee
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