Dave Barber and Paul Lee

Dave and Paul Lee are this week's hero's with 20 points.

No change at the top but Shaun has closed the gap to just 6 points.

Try to put in predictions as close to cut off as possiblle to avoid choosing games that get postponed.

16 January 2022


Luke Forrester is the highest scorer for the 2nd week in a row. Well done Luke.

Glyn is the first to join the 300 club and is still out in front but Shaun is hard on his heel's!

03 January 2022

John McNiff

John Mc Niff and Paul Lee both scored 60 points in the race for the manager of the month award. However John takes the prize on the count back rule! Well done John.

Luke Forrester is this week's highest scorer with 13 points. Well done Luke..

Jess has a mare with the lowest score of 2 points. Sort it out Jedi.

Dave Barber props up the whole table as we head into 2022. 

A quick update on the ongoing court cases against Man £ity. The club is waiting on a high court decision due in the new year after 8 men have sued them over abuse suffered by one of thier coaches.

Manchester City had taken "the surprising decision to rely, as its main witness, upon the evidence of a prolific paedophile". Described as "abject liar".

Meanwhile Benjamin Mendy in prison waiting on 7 sex offence charges says, he's not worried as Man £ity's best lawyers are working on both cases!!!!

31 December 2021


Glyn is the top scorer this week with 26 points and extends his lead at the top.

Jess has a nightmare week and is the lowest scorer with 6 points.

27 December 2021

Mike Wilson

Mike Wilson bangs in the top score of 20 this week.

No change at the top as the top 5 all score 12 points.

The cashball committe would like to wish all you genuine football fans and Man £ity fans a very happy Christmas.


20 December 2021

Paul Lee

Paul Lee is this week's top scorer so far with 20 points. That clever chappy got all his bonus points.

Postponed games will count if replayed in the current 4 week month.

16 December 2021

Jack Lee

Jack Lee picks up the 4th Manager of the Month award with 72 points. This also moves him into 5th place.

Anoher quick turn around with the next round of games starting on Tuesday.

12 December 2021


Glyn takes over at the top as the lead changes hands again.

Harry Lee has a mare and picks up only 4 points.

It is very close going into the final week in the running for the 'Manager of the month'. We have Luke on 57 points closely followed by Mike Wilson on 56 points and then Jack Lee on 55 points. 

Another quick turn around with the next set of fixtures starting this Friday.

06 December 2021

Paul Evans

Paul Evans is out front on his own after Johanne had a terrible week dropping her down 3 places.

This week's prize plonker is John McNiff who only scored 6 points. This was an impressive feat as all the top clubs and Man £ity picked up wins so points were fairly easy to come by.

I see man £ity are in court again this week and for all the wrong reasons (no change there). Well done chaps keep dragging Manchester through the mud.

03 December 2021

Quick turn around

Hello cashballer's, we have mid week games starting on Tuesday!!

Harry Lee was the only player to score in single figures. Pudding.

28 November 2021


We have a new leader as Johanne takes over at the top.

Didds takes the monthly prize with 49 points, pipping Harry by a single point.

Nicole is this weeks top manager with 14 points.

Colin, James and Jessie all scored the lowest with 4 points.

22 November 2021


Jess has managed the impossible and joins the Zero club!

We have a new leader with Johanne joining Paul Evans at the top. Jo would be in front on the countback rule.

A very low scoring week aided by the fact that only Arsenal from the big 6 clubs picked up a win.

08 November 2021

Graham Luty

Graham was the highest scoring manager with 8 points!!

John McNiff was the only plonker to score zero!!

Only 5 points seperate the top 5 as Paul Evans clings onto top spot by a single point.

02 November 2021

Jack Lee

Jack Lee very nearly maxed out this week with his score of 27 points. Only West Ham not drawing let him down.

We have a new leader with Paul Evans taking over at the top. Well done Paul.

A quite week in the Premier league this week with not much happening.

25 October 2021


Glyn finishes the month with the top score of 55 points. It was a tough month to call. Last month was won by Kev The Red with 87 points. Well done Glyn.

Dave barber was this weeks star man with 17 points. Well done Dave.

Paul Evans has dropped Shaun into 5th place with the top three places staying the same.

Mike Wilson somehow managed to score only 4 points and is this week's class dummy.

Also well done to Man £ity with there home win against Burnley as this was the sixth home game on the run without a full house!!!

An emergency meeting was held by the Premier League on Monday night to stop teams agreeing sponsership deals with their owners. In other words self funding. 18 teams voted for and two teams did not. Any guess to who the two are? Man £ity and Newcastle.


19 October 2021

Graham Luty

What a fantastic week for Graham with the highest score of 23 points.

Mr Davis is the only plonker to score in single figures with his weedy 8 points.

04 October 2021


A great week for Johanne with the top score of 15 points. Well done Jo.

A terrible week for scoring as not one single big club managed a win. 

One of our Southampton fans has taken exception to the article published in the Man £ity home programme comparing the number of fans! He would like to point out that for the first 5 Man £ity home games they are averaging only 43,000 fans. This dispite offering tickets for cup games at give away prices. Man £ity home capacity is 53,400 so that is 10,000 empty seats per game. It is however an improvement to the 20,000 usual empty seats. So well done to Pippa for begging fans to show up.


28 September 2021

Paul Evans

Paul Evans has smashed this week with a score of 16 points. This moves him into 3rd place.

Pippa has upset the £ity fans by asking for more supporters to attend the home games. Not one single home game this season has been sold out, and the mid week game's attendance was shameful. This week in a bid to avoid further embarrassment tickets are being offered at £12.00!!!


21 September 2021

Kevin The Red

Kev the Red takes the first monthly prize.

James Davis moves up into the top three, Level on points with that old veteran Shaun.

Very poor results for Dave and Graham who both scored a silly eight points and are massive pudding's.

Don't forget there is a Friday kick off this week!

Prince Andrew has appointed the top lawyers in the field to defend him. Apparently Mendy is also looking to do the same.

14 September 2021


It was Johanne this week that so nearly maxed out with the great score of 27 points. Well done Jo.

Well done to Manchester Utd on the stella signing of Ronaldo.

Pippa was asked in his post match interview why Man £ity always struggle to land the big fish? Pippa said he has no idea as they are the richest club in the world. The answer is simple Pippa. Look at all the empty seats at both the Norwich and the Arsenal games!!! Big club you say?

30 August 2021


A great week for Shaun as he nearly maxed out. Just getting the red card wrong stopped him. Shaun moves to the top of the leader board. Well done Shaun.

Graham Luty, a cashball virgin moves into the top 5 with his score of 25 points. Welll done Graham.

Mike Wilson is the only pudding to score in single figures with a puny 8 points. Not well done Mike.

And finally what about Man £ity's latest ploy to deceive the financial fair play. They have made their shirts the most expensive in the league. Nice touch of loyalty to the fans not. They will now pretend they have a world wide fan base and sell lots of shirts!!! Thus they can afford a billion pound team for each game. Genius!

24 August 2021

New Season

Well, what a great start to the new season. 

Man £ity have managed to smash yet more records,

1).  They have smashed the British transfer record by signing Jack (the red) Grealish from Aston Villa.

2).  They have the highest costing starting line up in premier league history of over £550 million.

3).  They have the highest costing value on the bench of over £350 million.

When Pippa was asked about the humiliation at the weekend against Spurs he has responded with the following statement;

"I do not know what all the fuss is about, it is only £900 million. We will push that over the Billion mark later this week. How else do you expect me to win anything"!!

16 August 2021
Glyn Norcliffe 318
Shaun Rowarth 312
Paul Evans 306
Paul Lee 305
Johanne Lee 294
Week 22
Paul Lee 20
Dave Barber 20
Johanne Lee 18
Shaun Rowarth 18
Nicole Rowarth 18
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