Another great week for Craig whose score of 21 moves him into joint second along with Kevin the Red.

Micky's rush of form didn't last and he is this weeks joint bottom scorer!

Big Bill is the first and only member of the 400 club so a big well done to him.

Man City crash out of Europe so a big well done to them also!! Simply outclassed!!!!

22 March 2015

Micky B

Another great week for Micky Butler who has finally found form. Micky was the only cashballer to get 100% on his wins/losses.

No change at the top as the magnificent Big Bill puts another 2 points between himself and his closest competition.

17 March 2015


Well done to Shaun who held on to his slender lead and has picked up the 'manager of the month' award.

Mickey Butler is this weeks chart topper with a great 18 points and was the only cashballer to get any bonus points.

Everyone apart from Paul Evans picked up maximum points from wins/losses as all the top teams and Man City won.

05 March 2015


Darryl picks up the manager of the week award with his score of 15.

Derek is back to normal form with a puny 4 points.

We go into the final week of the month and it is very tight at the top;

Shaun 42, Craig 41 and Kev the Red 40.


01 March 2015


Derek Molloy has shocked the entire cashball world with a fantastic score of 21. He is now also in pole position for the £50 monthly prize at the half way stage.

Craig continues his good form and has moved up into 3rd place.

Big Bill bangs in a solid 15 and keeps himself way out in front.

22 February 2015

Kevin the Red

Kevin the Red is this weeks top manager with his great score of 19 points. John slips into 3rd place just ahead of Craig, and to Harry's great delight he has retaken the lead over his sister Jess.

A bit of a break until next cashball games because of the 5th round FA Cup ties.

Man Utd play Preston Northend on Monday night and Man City play!  eerrrr oh yes they have been dumped out of that cup by a lower league team and at home too. Could of been worse though at least the ground wasn't full to see the humiliation!!!!!

12 February 2015


Craig has taken this months 'manager of the month' award with a great score of 55 points. Clearly cementing his status as a true cashball legend. Well done Craig.

Jess is this weeks high flyer with the top score of 18, and is now level on points with her younger brother Haz.

Big Bill stays firmly at the summit and will take some catching.

Quick turnaround this week so get your predictions in before tomorrow evening.


09 February 2015


Big Bill is this week's hero with a top score of 19 and maintains his lead overall.

Craig is top of the monthly pile with 31 points at the halfway stage. Didd's has finally found some form and is in second place along side Big Bill on 30 points.

ps Mark Page scored a big fat zero last week and secures his place on the puddings table, sitting right next to the other Zero puddings, mentioning no names DIDDS.

19 January 2015


Man City's latest cauldron of lies and deceit has spilled over, and the Frank 'Gallagher' Lampard sham has been exposed.

Worse still for City is that UEFA have now launched an investigation into the accuracy of the clubs accounts. City claimed to have halved its losses last year to only £23 million.

We all knew this was laughable.

What they didn't want to tell us, was they set up 2 subsidiary companies in order to move the debt around;

Man City FC loss £23 million

 Sub 1. City Football marketing ltd loss £12.8 million

Sub 2. City Football Services Ltd loss £13.1 million


City Football group (holding company) loss £63 million

And by the way they have just agreed a deal for a new player at £28 million. How does that stack up?

Man City's new team of accountants, rumoured to have been trained at Hogwarts will have thier work cut out to brush this one under their rather large carpets.

Man City are a club cast adrift in a sea of cash (not their's) without a moral compass to guide them home.

12 January 2015


Big Bill is the 'Manager of the Month' with his total of 63 points. That's now 5 different monthly winners!!

A terrible week for everyone this week with non of the top teams winning.

Well done to Peter Hartley who picked up the highest score of 11 this week.

Didds Didds Didds, what a plonker!!!! Now head of the Zero table.

01 January 2015

Mark Page

Mark Page is this weeks shining star with his top score of 13 points. So well done Mark.

Didd's now has cashball's worst average score!!!!!!

A quick stat from our stat man.

Cost of Man City squad £388+ million

Cost of Burnley squad £38 million.


29 December 2014

Quick turnaround

Good points were scored by most cashballers this week, apart from Mike who got this weeks lowest score with a very very very poor 11 points.

Big Bill and Nicole are this weeks high flying birds both scoring 24 points.

Nicole moves into the top 5, showing the rest of her clan how to do it.

Can anyone catch the super hero Big Bill as he moves into pole position at the halfway point in this months race for £50.00 and also maintains a healthy lead at the top of the overall standings.

27 December 2014


Sadly, Frank one of our stalwart cashballers passed away on Monday 15th December. Frank was a top fella and will be missed by all who knew him. He has gone to join that other great cashballer in the sky, Pops.

Our thoughts are with his family.

23 December 2014

Month 4

John McNiff takes the 4th monthly prize of £50 with his score of 62. A new month begins this week so everyone starts from zero. 

This weeks top dog is Glyn with his super score of 19.

Big Bill retains the overall lead with Kevin The Red hot on his heels.

15 December 2014


Frank is this week's master with a great score of 17. Frank picked up all his wins/losses + a draw and red card. Well done Frank.

A bit of a weird low scoring week with only Man Utd from the top clubs picking up a win, so well done to them also.

It's also tight at the top of the monthly race with John McNiff taking pole position as follows;

John 48, Nicole 47, Kevin the Red 46.

Big Bill and Kevin become the first members of the 200 club.

09 December 2014


Big Bill reclaim's top spot with his fantastic score of 22.

Well done to Nicole with a score of 21 which puts her right behind Kevin the Red at the halfway point of month 3.

Kevin the Red 37, Nicole 36, Big Bill 35.

03 December 2014

Kevin the Red

Kevin the Red storms to the top of the league with this weeks top score of 19. 

It's close at the top with only 3 points separating the top 3.

Take note it's a quick turnaround for the next set of predictions so get them in before Tuesday's kick off.

30 November 2014

Johanne Lee

Well done to Johanne Lee who takes the 3rd monthly prize of £50 with her score of 65. Jo has moved into the top 5 for the first time ever!!!!

A late spurt from Craig made it a close call and his fantastic score of 19 takes him to the top of the league with Harry Lee.

Dave is moving down the table again as the pressure at the top has overcome him.

24 November 2014


Harry Lee (aged 13) reclaims top spot with a solid 16 points. "you can't win anything with kids"

Dave Barber goes from 2nd to 4th, while Big Bill leapfrogs Dave into 2nd.

Johanne Lee with 53 points maintains her lead in the hunt for the 3rd £50 monthly prize with only one week remaining. Mark Page is Jo's nearest rival with 48 points.

Well Done to John McNiff who picked up the most points this week with 19. 

09 November 2014


This weeks shining lights are father and son team Andy & Danny Wood with a top score of 25.

Dave Barber slips into second place behind Big Bill. While Haz drops to third.

Johanne Lee is out in front at the half way stage for the monthly prize with 36 points, closely followed by Mark Page and Mickey Butler on 34.

Didds continues to pick his teams with his eyes closed.

03 November 2014


Paul Evans is setting the pace at the start of the new month. Paul scored a healthy 15 points. Other good scores came from Johanne Lee and Mark Page who both scored 14. Mark was the only cashballer to see the Burnley score!

Harry Lee returns to the top of the overall pile albeit level with Big Bill both on 119 points.

As for Didds, Shaun and Nicole who continue to plummet down the table, I suggest you pull your fingers out!!!

27 October 2014


Cashball has a new leader as Big Bill takes over the top by 1 point from Harry Lee.

However this weeks super hero is the magnificent Paul Lee who continues his rise up the table (from last position) into 12th place. But more importantly his score of 12 this week, catapults him past Jessica, Big Bill and Kevin the Red to take the monthly £50 prize.

Paul Lee 54, Big Bill 53, Jess & Kevin 51.

Paul was quoted as saying " £50 is not a lot of money but it will buy you 50 tickets for Man City v Newcastle"

21 October 2014


Shane has become the first cashballer to achieve 2 zero's and is now chief pudding on the zero table!

Harry Lee maintains his position at the summit of the table, closely followed by Big Bill.

Jess Lee (45) holds a slender lead of 1 point over Kevin the Red (44)  going into the final week of the monthly prize.

CSKA Moscow will play Man City behind closed doors for the game on 21st october. This will be very confusing for viewers tuning in to watch the game as they wont be able to tell if City are home or away!!

A CSKA Moscow spokesman has said "It feels like we are being punished twice, as Man City are used to playing to mostly empty stadiums during cup games and we are not".

He has a very good point. Even charging £7.50 for the last European home game proved a massive fail!!

05 October 2014

Lee Family


A great week for Jessica Lee. Jess started at Lancaster university today studying business management. So good luck to her.

Jess's score of 22 takes her into second place in the league, just one point behind her little brother Harry Lee. She is also now top of the monthly pile with a score of 33.

Well done also to last week's massive puddings who have all bucked up and scored well.

29 September 2014

Harry still top

Harry Lee stays top of pile with his steady 9 points this week. Hot on his heels amazingly is Dave Barber along with Trooper James Davis and Micky Butler.

This week's shining light however is the amazing Paul Lee who has now moved from bottom up to 20th place and is this weeks champion with 12 points. so a very well done to him.

It has been a very tough week and only 5 people managed to score in double figures. This was mainly due to all the top teams and Man City failing to win. Saying that, its not rocket science so all you cashballers who scored 3 or less this week I suggest you buck your idea's up you massive puddings.

21 September 2014

First £50.00

The first monthly £50.00 went down to the last kick of the last game with Hull and Westham drawing in a thrilling game.

The draw Gave Harry Lee the extra 2 points he needed to pip Micky and Jacob by a single point and pocket the first of the monthly prizes.

Harry is the youngest cashballer to win a monthly prize and also top the table. Well done Hazza!!

Big Bill has tumbled from 1st to 6th as he and Didd's Molloy are this weeks plonkers, only picking up 8 points each.

15 September 2014


Haz Baz Lee

A great week for Harry Lee scoring 19 points. Micky 'B' has been knocked off top spot by Big Bill as we enter  the final week for the first £50 monthly prize.


I may be propping up the table but I can still say I am not a member of the Big fat Zero club!!! Its quite a difficult task to actually acheive zero points. So all I will say is Buck up you lot!!!!


31 August 2014


Jacob is this weeks highest scorer with 24 points.

Micky B is overall top dog on 43 with new cashballer Shane hot on his heels.

I will send cashball live next Saturday as soon as I can, but bear in mind I will be in the Canary Islands on holiday and hopefully in a bar for the early kick off!

25 August 2014

Week 1

Hello cashballer's,

The prediction list was emailed to you all shortly after I returned home from the early kick off. If you didnt get it you may not be on the email list so please let me know. In future, predictions will be sent out immediately after the whistle blows for the first kick off (unless its Man Utd and I'm there).

A few points for new cashballer's.

Be careful what you enter as it cannot be changed!  Derek you put Spurs to draw against Spurs. You would only have picked up 2 points if the draw had come in.

Check your scores.

The cash ball website is still pretty much WIP. While the front end is almost automated in terms of entering predictions the back end i.e. scoring part is not. In other words I have to manually count up each individual score and enter the totals one at a time. So if any scoring errors are spotted let me know.

Late payments

There are still 3 people (no names) who have not payed the entry fee and are playing. If they win the first monthly prize and have not payed to enter they will not pick up the prize. Any person who has not payed by the end of the 1st month will be deleted from cashball. 

19 August 2014

Late live

Hello Cashballer's 31 people have submitted predictions. You will all get an email of predictions as soon as I get back from Old Trafford. Usually I will send the predictions out immediately after first kick off.


Good luck to all.

16 August 2014


Hello cashballer's

When you have played and all is ok your name will appear in the table to the right (click view all scores).

Any problems give me a call on 07974 595056



06 August 2014

New season

Hello cashballer's,

The deadline for entries is Friday 08th August. I need money and email address's.

Paul 07974 595056

03 August 2014
Big Bill 406
Kevin the Red 381
Craig Southwick 381
John McNiff 366
Nicole Rowarth 362
Week 30
Craig Southwick 21
Peter Hartley 18
Nick Leonard 18
David Barber 18
Johanne Lee 18
View All Scores
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