Glyn is the 'Manager of the month' with a fantastic 65 points and picks up £50.00 He is now only 2 points behind Kevin The Red at the top of the league.

Jack Lee is this weeks star manager with 19 points and the only manager to pick up any bonus points albeit only 3. He moves back into the top 3 at the expense of Colin The Sheep.

22 January 2018

Colin is a sheep

Colin is this weeks top Jocky with 18 points which also moves him into the top 5. Well done Colin

A bad week for Kevin the red but he still stays at the top of the pile.

Jack continues to tumble and is now in 5th.

Watch out for a quick turnaround after this weeks games.

16 January 2018

Paul Lee

The clever, funny handsome Paul Lee is the manager of the week with a magnificent 25 points.

Pip Guatimola is the only manager whining and bleating about fixure congestion!!! He has a 15 point lead in the now finished league and spent £365.85 million building his squad. Class or Classless? you decide.

03 January 2018

Nick Alpress

Nick Alpress has a great week and is the top manager with 19 points.

Shaun is back in the top 5

Paul Crossland has hit the sherry a bit too hard and scores a miserable 2 points!!

01 January 2018

John McNiff

John McNiff picks up this months prize of £50.00

Shaun has now regained his form after deciding to concentrate on his predictions rather than trying to defend the undefendable. He is this week's top manager with 24 points. Welcome back Shaun.

Happy new year to all (well most) from the cashball committe. Have a good one.

29 December 2017

Ian Ryder

Ian Ryder so nearly maxed out and only Swansea not winning stopped him from doing so.

With the scores ranging from 10 to 26, this week was a difficult week to predict and indeed only Spurs from the top flight picked up a victory.

Shaun continues his Journey south while Kevin The Red is the first member of the 300 Club.

John McNiff is still sitting pretty at the top of the monthly pile with one week to go.

The cashball committe would like to wish all football fans and man city fans a happy Christmas and a merry new year.

24 December 2017


Andy Didds smashes a great 25 points which makes him this weeks top dog.

Another bad week for Shaun (14) sees him tumble out of the top 5 for the first time in ages. Come on Shaun, concentrate more on your predictions and less on the blog's perhaps!

Another great week for John McNiff puts him into the top 5 for the first time this season and out in front at the half way stage for the monthly prize on 43 points, closely followed by Didds on 39.

Mike Wilson is this week's prize plonker and is the only cashballer to score in single figures (7). 

19 December 2017

John McNiff

John is this week's top scorer with 20 points. Well done John.

Man City have been described in sections of the media as "Class less" after the antics in the dressing room at the weekend. It's true what they say you can buy almost anything but you cannot buy CLASS! Well done City. Or should we just say Class less City?

It is being said that the Premier League would be a better place without Man City. True football fans read on,

Headlines from Football365 

Man City 'winning the lottery dooms premier league' published Tuesday 12th December 2017.

Man City have spent more money since their takeover than Man Utd have in the entirety of the premier league.

14 December 2017

Kevin the Red

Kevin the Red is the "Manager of the month" as he slams in a 23 and comes from behind to take the £50.00 prize.

Glyn continues his meteoric rise and is now in joint second place as both Shaun and Jack have a disastrous week with 4 points each.

The scores this week range from zero to 23 points in a difficult week as only Spurs from the big clubs picked up a victory.

10 December 2017


Glyn continues his good form and along with Peter, Sam and Mike Wilson came up with a fine 19 points.

This puts Glyn in poll position going into the final week of the monthly prize with 50 points, closely followed by Johanne on 47 points.

No change at the top but Kevin has closed the gap at the top to just one point.

Darryl is this week's prize plum being the only cashballer to score in single figures.

04 December 2017


Glyn had a storming week and picked up 19 points which also moves him up into the top 5. Well done Glyn.

John McNiff was the only pudding NOT to get all his win's and losses. Well done John.

One of our cashballer's has emailed to ask "why does cashball not consider Man City as one of the "big 6 clubs"? Last weeks blog.

Well to be a big club you have to have;

1) History. Quite simply they have none. The last trophy they won (in a season they were not convicted of cheating) was 1975/76 League cup.

2) Ability to sell out home games (take last night as a prime example).

3) Worldwide following.

4) To own your own ground. 

Having a sugar daddy (who neither likes or attends football) who ploughs nearly 2 billion pounds into the club does not make them a BIG! club.

30 November 2017

Johanne Lee

Johanne Lee is this week's top manager with an amazing 16 points. This was particulary impressive when you consider only Man Utd and Arsenal out of the top 6 'big clubs' picked up victories.

Johanne was the only cashballer to predict all her win's and losses while Shaun on the other hand was the only cashballer not to correctly predict one single draw!

Shaun is this week's lowest scoring manager but still maintains second place, albeit level on points with that sheep Colin. Jack stays out front for the second week in a row. Nice to see one of our junior managers at the top.

26 November 2017

Colin is a sheep

Colin is a sheep is the "Manager of the Month" with his score of 72 points. Baaaaar ram you.

Jack Lee topples Shaun from his perch at the top as they both join the 200 club. Although only 7 points seperate the top 4.

Don't forget this week starts on Friday night at 2000hrs!!!!!


21 November 2017

Sam Kelly

Sam Kelly is the 'manager of the week' with a great score of 18 points.

Shaun stays out front but the gap is now only 3 points.

Its very tight going into the final week of the month with, Colin on 49 points, Jack and James on 47 points, Darryl 46 points and Shaun and Kevin on 45 points.

05 November 2017

James Caldwell

James Caldwell so nearly maxed out this week with a great score of 27 points. Only his inability to predict the game with a red card stopped him!!!!

No change in the top three as Shaun, Jack and Colin all bang in a solid 25 points. 

Ian Ryder appears to have had a change of heart and may not be retiring.

31 October 2017

Mike Wilson

Mike Wilson is this week's prize plonker with his score of Zero!! Buck up Mike.

Shaun and Jack stay at the top but Darryl and Colin have closed the gap.

We have the first managerial casualty of the season as Ian Ryder announces his retirement. This just goes to show that the pressure at the bottom is just as intense as it is at the top. We wish him well for the future.

22 October 2017


Shaun is still out in front at the end of the second month and picks up the Manager of the month award.

Jack Lee is hot on his heels and Colin is a sheep moves up into the top 5.

Mark Molloy somehow managed to score in single figures (8) this week and was the only cashballer to do so! Pudding!

The cashball average score this week was 16.14 to give you an idea of how good or bad you have done.

On the whole it was a pretty high scoring week when you take into consideration that none of the big four clubs picked up a win.



17 October 2017

Darryl, Derek & Jack.

Darryl, Derek & Jack. are this week's top dogs with a great score of 25 points.

Shaun stays out in front but his lead has been cut to just 1 point.

Derek slips past Mark to climb into the top 5.

P.S. What do you call a man who travels to Amsterdam to meet a Colombian?

01 October 2017

So very nearly

Shaun and Nick (28 points) so very nearly maxed out this week and only a missed penalty from Leicester prevented this from happening. You have to laugh!!!

Shaun extends his lead at the top and John McNiff somehow sneaks into the top 5. So well done to them.

Well done also to Man City for their 'community spirit' in offering tickets to their home 'Champions League' game this evening (Tuesday) for just the token ammount of £5.00. 

26 September 2017


The table is now correct and Shaun stays out front with a 4 point lead.

Derek finds himself in unfamiliar territory in joint second place.

This week was a difficult week to predict as only Man Utd from the big clubs managed to pick up a victory.

18 September 2017


The table is still not totally correct as some people still have to pay back some points from the week 3 score that was doubled. This will all correct itself after week 5.

In the meantime its hats off to Shaun who picks up the first "Manager of the Month" award.

Its also Hats off the Man City for out spending PSG.

"Man City have most expensive squad in football, says CIES Football Observatory"

City spent £215m in the summer transfer market to take the total outlay on their squad to 853m euros (£775m).


Manchester City owners consider legal action over 'financial doping' comments

It seems the truth really hurts.

13 September 2017

Week 3

Hello cashballer's,

The website has doubled the week 3 scores. I am in Alaska but trying to rectify it. 

For example Nick is showing to be at the top with 54 points. He scored 15 points this week but the website gave him 2 x 15 points. So Nick's real score is 54 minus 15 (39 points).

Please Bear with me on this.

28 August 2017

Ian Spiby/Kevin The Red

We have joint leaders with Ian, Jessica and Kevin all on 28 points after 2 weeks.

Jessica Lee is this weeks top cruiser with 20 points.

Shaun, Johanne, John McNiff and Giles are the bottom 4 puddings (all City Fans) Just saying!

With Jessica, Kevin, Ian and Mike the top 4, its no surprise they are all Utd fans. Just saying!

Derek goes from 2nd to 16th in the space of one week. WoW that is some drop (City Fan). Just saying.

22 August 2017

Ian Spiby

Ian Spiby is the top manager in the first week of the new season with a great 18 points.

Derek Molloy is the only cashballer to pick up 100% on his wins/losses. Well done Dek.

Johanne and Giles both prop up the table with a miserable 4 points (both City fans)!!! Buck up you two.

PS Don't forget to check your own points. The scoring is done by hand and checked by Didd's.

14 August 2017


Hello cashballer's old and new. Welcome to the new season. Don't forget the first kick off is Friday night!! 

Good luck to both Manchester teams and well done to Manchester UTD on winning 3 trophies last season.

Well done to Man City who have out spent every team on the planet (again). Maybe they will win something this season?

05 August 2017
Kevin the Red 376
Glyn Norcliffe 374
Jack Lee 367
Colin is a sheep 359
John McNiff 355
Week 24
Jack Lee 19
Glyn Norcliffe 14
James Caldwell 14
Harry Rowarth 14
Derek Molloy 12
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