Kevin The Red

Kevin has found form again and is top dog this week with 15 points. He was the only cashballer to get all his wins and losses correct.

10 May 2021


Although Paul Evans scored top points this month with 49, the monthly award goes to Shaun with 47 points as Paul has previously won the award in month No1.

Great week for Colin and Paul Evans both with 23 points. Kev the red has a mare of a week and drops to 5th spot.

Well done to Man £ity for reaching thier first European final in 51 years LOL. They did it with £250 million sat on the bench just in defenders!!!  The club posted losses of £126 million this year but still find money to burn. Pippa must be very proud.

04 May 2021


Nicole is this weeks top banana with 12 points and the only cashballer to get into double figures!!

Didds has booked his seat at the plonker's table with his score of zero.


27 April 2021

James Davis

James Davis is this week's top boy with 18 points.

22 April 2021


Jess Lee is this week's top manager with a great score of 16 points. She was the only cashballer to predict the humiliation of Man £ity and the high scoring of Chelsea. And with only 10 men!

Man £ity with a squad value of £924 million (highest in the world) beaten by Leeds with a squad value of £193 million.

How good is Pippa without money? We all know.

13 April 2021

James Caldwell

Although Johanne has the highest monthly score of 57 points, the Manager of the month goes to James Caldwell with 43 points. This years new rule state that you can only win one Manager of the month award.

PIPA GUATIMALA is getting confused again. He has stated that Manchester £ity cannot afford another striker!!!!

To put records straight Pippa, Man £ity have never been able to afford to buy top players, your rich Arab owner simply buys them for you and then fiddles the books. Pippa do what you normally do SPEND SPEND SPEND.

06 April 2021

Paul Lee

That super hero Paul Lee smashes in this weeks highest score of 17 points and moves him to the top of the table.

15 March 2021


Well done Johanne who is this week's top jockey with 21 points.

Well done to Dave Barber for his 2 points.

A massive well done to Manchester Utd for humbling the cash rich arab's puppets.

08 March 2021

Colin is a sheep

Colin almost maxed out with a fantastic 27 points. When interviewed Colin said "Baaaaaaarrrrrrr".

Glyns lead at the top has been cut to just one point.

Well done to Man £ity who managed to field a bench of over £400K during the last match. Pippa Guatimola said it is our ambition to have a bench with a value of 1/2 a billion. Thats what we are striving for.

02 March 2021


Johanne becomes the 6th different Manager of the Month with a winning score of 50 points, pipping her dad John by a single point!!

Harry is in free fall with this week's lowest score of 6. Sort it out lad. Haz has a new girlfriend so maybe he is a bit distracted?

23 February 2021

Dave Barber

A great week for Dave Barber with the top score of 14 points.

18 February 2021


We have a new Leader with Glyn taking over at the top.

John McNiff finally finds some form and smashes in this week's highest score of 25 points.

Jack continues a nightmare season and is this weeks lowest scorer with 4 points.

09 February 2021


Another lady cashballer Jess Lee show the rest how its done with an incredible 19 points this week.

Harry Lee is the lowest scorer with 6 points

05 February 2021


Nicole is this week's high flying bird with a great 16 points.

Some terrible scores this week and Kev the Red has a mare with only 6 points and is knocked off his long term perch and is now joint top with that witty chappy Paul Lee.

Paul Lee did not win the Manager of the month award last week but he has this week!!

31 January 2021

Paul Lee

Paul Lee picks up the 5th Manager of the Month award with 54 points.

Didd's and Jo are this weeks high flyers with 19 points.

Jess scoes a miserable 2 points.

29 January 2021

Dave Barber

David is this week's shining star with the top score of 22 points.

James Caldwell has a mare and scores a weedy 8 points.

19 January 2021

Paul Evans

A great week for Paul Evans as he slams in this weeks highest score of 16 points.

Kev The Red stays out in front but only three points seperate the top three.

Man £ity move up into 5th place in the table. 

05 January 2021

Colin is a sheep

Colin picks up the latest 'manager of the Month' award with 45 points.

The cashball rules state that postponed games must take place in the current month to count. So any cashballer that chose un-clean clubs who cannot maintain adequate hygiene standards will pick up no points this week.

Jess is this week's star with top marks of 12 points.

31 December 2020

Colin is a sheep

A great week for Colin with the top score of 15 points.

A really low scoring week as none of the top clubs managed to pick up a win.

27 December 2020

Didds and Nicole

Didds and Nicole both score top marks with a great score of 20 points.

A bad week for Dek and Glyn who both managed to score the lowest points of 8 each. 

The bookies are taking bets on the next manager to be sacked with Arteta and Pippa joint favourites. Arteta has spent vast amounts of dosh just like Pippa, whose side is languishing 8 points behind the leaders already.

Arteta defended himself saying "spending vast amounts of money is the only management style I know. I learned this from the master of spending Pippa". Give myself and Pippa another transfer window so we can show you how good we are!!!


22 December 2020

Harry Lee

Harry Lee picks up the 6 bonus points for the first sacking of the season.

Harry, Kev, Glyn and John McNiff are the only cashballers to score in double figures this week.

17 December 2020

Kevin The Red

Kev The Red picks up the 3rd Manager of the month award and stays out in front at the top. Kev is also the only cashballer to get in double figures this week with the top score of 10.

Jess and Nicole book a place on the puddings table with scores of ZERO. Ladies please try harder. Shaun and James have a word please.

Quick turn around this week so look sharp everyone.

13 December 2020


Johanne is this weeks rising star with the top score of 14 points.

Harry Lee is this weeks lowest scorer with 6 points. Buck up Hazza.

Shaun creeps into the top 5.

08 December 2020

Kevin The Red

Kev The Red finally finds some form and bangs in the top score of 21 points which leap frogs him to the top of the pack.

Paul Evans, Dek and James all managed to score a sickly 4 points.

30 November 2020

Paul Evans

We have a new leader in Paul Evans who smashed in a great 20 points this week.

23 November 2020


Glyn picks up the second 'Manager of the Month' award pipping Dek by just one point! 

Dek is in the top 5 and is in unfamiliar territory.

Its very tight at the top with 3 points seperating the top 5.

Paul Lee hangs on to top spot by one point.

Harry Lee is this weeks shining star with the best score of 21 points while Jack and Johanne Lee continue their nightmare form with just 4 points each.

09 November 2020

Paul Lee

Not much change at the top as most people scored 12 points. A few people missed the Friday game so keep an eye on the fixtures.

Its pretty close going into the last week of the monthly prize with Paul and Glyn both on 37 points.

03 November 2020

Mike & Dave

Mike Wilson and Dave Barber are this week's high flyer's with 17 points each.

That witty good looking chap is out in front on his own.

Paul Evans has gone from leader to 7th in the space of two week's.

A nightmare week for Harry Lee as he drops from 3rd to 12th with a terrible score of 4 points this week.

26 October 2020

All sqare

Dek, Nicole and Glyn are this weeks top managers' all scoring 13 points.

The top 5 are seperated by only 1 point,

An extremely low scoring week aided by only Man Utd  from the top clubs managing to register a win.


19 October 2020

Paul Evans

Paul Evans becomes the first 'Manager of the Month'. He tied with Kevin the Red on 45 points but won on the count back rule. Well done Paul.

After Man £ity's humiliation last week, it is the turn of Liverpool to be totally spanked this week. 

04 October 2020

Kev & Paul

We have joint new leaders at the top after 3 weeks with Kev the Red and Paul Evans both on 37 points.

Nicole is the first prize plum to book her place at the zero table.

Man £ity got absolutely humiliated conceding 5 goals at home. When Pippa was asked how this was possible he was reported as saying " I have only spent £176 million this transfer window so far, I need to spend much more to be successful, but do not worry I will be knocking hard on the owners door if I could only find him. Apparently he was here 5 or 6 years ago".

Manager to go first.;
Shaun Moyes
James Villa
Jess Fulham
Paul Lee Fulham
Jack Lee  Fulham
Haz West Brom
Kev Moyes
Colin Southampton
Johanee Moyes
John Mc Niff
Didds  Potter
Deks Wilder


29 September 2020

Harry Lee

Harry Lee is this week's top manager with 15 points.

Derek stays out in front at the half way stage in the first month.

Don't forget to let me know who the first manager to lose his job will be. You only have until this Sat.

22 September 2020

Flying start.

Didd's and Dek have got off to a flying start with 21 points. I suspect Didd's had a peep at Deks though!

There is an added bonus of 6 points for the correct prediction of the first Premiership manager to be sacked. You need to email or text me as soon as possible. Closing date for this is 19th October.

If anyone has any other idea's to spice things up let me or Didd's know.

15 September 2020

New Season

Hello cashballer's, the new season is almost upon us. Use last years log on details. Any questions speak to Didd's or myself.

20 August 2020
Paul Lee 370
Glyn Norcliffe 362
Paul Evans 356
Shaun Rowarth 353
Kevin the Red 349
Week 33
Kevin the Red 15
Andrew Didds 11
James Davis 11
Paul Lee 8
Johanne Lee 8
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