No change at the top of the league but Glyn's lead has been cut to just 5 points. Didd's moves up into the top 5. 

There is a break now for FA Cup weekend. Be careful not to choose any of the postponed matches for the next set of predictions.

Nick's normal form has returned.

14 February 2017


Nicole is the "Manager of the Month" with a great score of 55 points.

Nick Leonard has finally found form and is this week's top scorer with 15 points. Maybe be copied someone?

No changes at the top of the league and Peter is this weeks' prize plum with his score of 4 points.

06 February 2017

John McNiff

John McNiff is this week's top manager with a score of 12 points and is the only manager in double figures!! Well done John.

What a coupon busting week of football as all the top clubs failed to pick up a victory.

It is the closest it has ever been as we head into the final week for the monthly prize and only 4 points seperate the top 9. We have;

Nicole 43, Andy Wareham 42, Giles 41, Didds 41, Shaun 41, Cool Colin 39, Hazza 39, Ian Ryder 39 and Mark Molloy 39. So its a well done to them.

It is also a big well done to Man City who have now accepted the drugs related charges. And now expect a massive fine to add to their long list of massive fines. Is there no depth the club will not sink to for victory?



02 February 2017

Paul and Cool Colin

Paul Lee and Cool Colin are this week's high flying bird's with great scores of 15 points.

John McNiff was rescued from a zero by the skin of his teeth as he only manages to scrape 2 points.

Glyn stays on top of the pile so well done to him.

Well done also to Bacary Sagna as he breaks another record for Man City with his£40,000.00 fine. 

22 January 2017


Nicole is the Cashball Queen with an incredible score of 27 points.

Most of our cashballer's (except Scott) picked up big points this week as none of the top football teams lost.

Man City should find out later this month what their latest fine will be for drugs related offences as the FA charge them for failing to play by the rules (again).The list of offences is getting quite impressive. 


16 January 2017


Glyn is the 'Manager of the month' with his great score of 64. He also extends his lead at the top of the table.

Well done to Steve Waters who moves up to 3rd place overall.

It was a tough week to call as only Man Utd and Spurs from the Big clubs managed a victory.

05 January 2017

Nicole,Shaun and Nick.

Great scores of 21 from Nicole, Shaun and Nick make them this week's top managers. 

It is tight at the top as we go into the final week for this months £50.00 prize. Glyn 51, Kevin the Red 50, Nicole 49 and Cool Colin 48.

One of our Man City fan is a bit confused and thinks that Man Utd have spent more money that Man City over the last 5 years!!! Silly,silly silly. Check out the following website.

The overall spend over the last 5 seasons of Manchester City is £565,650.00. It is a world record spend!!!

01 January 2017

Kevin the Red & Matthew Davenport

Kevin the Red and Matthew Davenport are this week's top scorer's, each picking up 23 points.

Glyn maintains his lead at the top with a solid 17 points.

Watch out for the next fixtures which start Friday night!!

28 December 2016

Cool Colin

Cool Colin is the 'Manager of the week' with his score of 19 points, but Glyn maintains his lead at the top of the league.

Rememer to keep an eye on the fixtures as the games come thick and fast over the Chtristmas period.

19 December 2016

Steve Valentine

Steve Valentine takes this months 'Manager of the month' award with an incredible score of 62 points. Well done to Steve on a great month.

Cool Colin has finally been knocked of his long term perch at the top of the league by Glyn and Harry has slipped to 3rd. So well done to Glyn.

Manchester City midfielder Yaya Toure has pleaded guilty to drink-driving, but says he had not "intentionally consumed alcohol".

The judge told him it was “inconceivable” he had not realised he had been drinking.

He has been given a record fine (54K) so that is in keeping with the other record fines that his club has picked up for cheating.They really are world record holders for all the wrong reasons. So well done to them also.

I can sympathise with Yaya, as I often get 'smashed up' and forget that I had been drinking. I do not however get behind the wheel of a car and drive!!!!

15 December 2016

Paul Mawdsley

Paul Mawdsley is this weeks top manager with his score of 15 points. Well done to Paul.

It is very close going into the final week for this months £50.00 prize. James and Shaun are both on 41 points followed closely by Steve Valentine on 40 points and Johanne Lee on 39.

Don't forget its a quick turnaround this week with the first game on Tuesday night.

11 December 2016


What a week in the football world.

Shaun is this weeks top boy with a score of 23 which moves him up into 4th spot. Both Harry Lee and Kevin the Red have a disasterous week as Glyn slips past them into second spot.

Nick shows why he is bottom of the pile with his score of Zero!!! 

Jack Rowarth slips from 05th place to 16th place because he failed to submit his predictions. Have a word Shaun!!

And with the world watching English football for all the wrong reasons you can rely on Man City to makes things even worse! Not only did they have two men sent off amid appalling scenes on the pitch, With PiPPa beening forced to apologise on the behalf of the club. But one of their top men has been charged with drink driving!!!

The non drinking (Ha Ha) religious!!! Yaya Toure has brought further shame to the City. Perhaps he will say it was his wifes slimming drink that he took by mistake Hicup!


06 December 2016

Johanne Lee

Johanne Lee is the manager of the week with her score of 17 points.

Harry closes the gap on Cool Colin to one point at the top of the table. Only 4 points seperate the top 3.

28 November 2016

Lewis Jackson

A funny old week in the premier league with only Chelsea from the 'big clubs' managing to pick up a win.

Lewis Jackson pips Cool Colin by 1 point to clinch the 'manager of the month' award with his great score of 54 points.

Shaun and Glyn both had a great week and had top scores of 18. This moves Glyn up into 3rd position overall.


21 November 2016

Lewis Ball

Lewis Ball is the 'Manager of the week' with a great score of 19 points. Well done Lewis.

We have a new overall leader as Cool Colin slides past Harry by one point.

Its tight as we head into the final week for the 3rd monthly prize;

Cool Colin 41, Lewis Jackson 40 and Giles on 39.

And finally what a fantastic unprecedented European result that has cheered us all up. So a massive well done to Southampton for beating Inter Milan.

06 November 2016


Harry Lee has knocked Kevin the Red off his long term perch and takes top spot.

James is the Manager of the Week with his score of 21.

Ian and Cool Colin are put pressure on the top 2 as Shaun continues with his impression of a freefall medicine ball.

31 October 2016

Lewis Jackson

Lewis is the 'manager of the week' with his score of 10 points. Well done Lewis.

Nicole sits at the head of the pudding's table with her score of ZERO! Maybe Nicole should speak to her Jack for a few tips!!

And finally what a week in the theatre of European football. 7 of our English clubs step up to the plate to do battle in the cauldren of European football. Only one of the seven clubs was put to the sword suffering a humiliating defeat and letting the entire nation down. That club happened to be the highest spending club in the world. So a jolly well done to the other 6 who didnt let anyone down.

24 October 2016

Jack Rowarth

Well done to Jack Rowarth who picks up the 2nd monthly prize of £50.00 with his score of 66 points. Great month Jack, top lad.

Harry Lee is the manager of the week with a score of 15 points, so well done to him as well.

Kevin the red stays out front with Glyn breathing down his neck, and Harry Lee moving up into 3rd spot.

Remember its a new month so all score's are zero for the next monthly prize.

18 October 2016

Jack Lee

Week 7 was a very interesting week. Six of our managers all scored top marks of 20 points. Well done to Craig, Paul Mawdsley, Jo Lee, Andy Wareham, James and Paul Evans.

A super well done goes to Jack Lee being the only manager to predict the destruction of PiPA and Man City.

Kevin the Red maintains the overall lead as Shaun slips into second place followed closely by Glyn.

The race for the 2nd £50.00 prize is very close;

Jo Lee 56, Shaun 55, Jack Rowarth 54 and James and Glyn on 53.



03 October 2016

100 club

Shaun and Glyn are this week's top managers with scores of 23. They both join Kevin the Red in the 100 club at the top of the league.

Well done also this week to Man City with the purchase of another trophy. Nothing it seems is beyond the purchasing power of the Arabs/Chinese.

26 September 2016

Steve and Jo

Well done to this weeks top managers as Steve and Johanne both clock up an impressive 21 points.

Just when Man City think it cannot get any worse (after they returned 2500 of 3000 tickets for their Bucuresti game) they could only muster 32,000 fans for their home game against Monchengladbach. PIPA is not happy. 

He was quoted as saying "don't worry we will smash up Bournmouth at the weekend, we have more money on the bench than their entire team"


19 September 2016

Kevin the Red

Kevin the Red takes the first monthly prize of £50.00 and sits proudly at the top of the table. Everyone is level again for the 2nd monthly prize. 

It was most ironic that the Manchester derby was the 172nd. Which is exactly the figure that PIPA has spent in the last transfer window. A nett spend of £172 million!!!!!! That is about the same spend as Swansea, Middlesbro, Sunderland, Bournmouth, West Ham and Spurs put together. Talk about buying your way to the top!!!!

12 September 2016

Week 3

I have taken off all the scores that were doubled last week and with the exception of Mark Molloy (owes back 8 still) the table should now be correct.

Its tight at the top going into the final week of the first month, with Harry Lee and Kevin the Red both on 54 points.

Well done to Man City in the Champions league. PIP must of been thrilled on his first European home game to walk out to a packed stadium with a vibrant atmosphere. LOL.

A spokesman for the club said we have options to try and sell more tickets. We can bring back the buy one get one free scheme that almost worked last season, but the ace up our sleeves is to offer a free chinese meal with every ticket now that we are part owned by some Chinese people.

28 August 2016

Week 2

Hello Cahballer's. Slight problem with this weeks scores. Week 2 scores have been added twice for everyone!! It does not make any difference to the positions because everyone's score was doubled.The only way I can correct this is to take the points off your next scores until you pay back the points. The problem has been fixed and won't happen again.

John McNiff is this weeks top jockey with 21 points and moves up to 3rd postion. 

Didds takes a spectacular tumble from No1 down to 13.

Harry Lee is the new leader. Well done Hazza.

Ps. Good bye Joe.

21 August 2016

First week.

Hello cashballer's. A great first week for Didd's and his score of 16 takes him to the summit.

Craig Newsham hasn't quite got the hang of things yet and failed to predict a single victory/loss!!!!

John Mc Niff finds himself in familiar territory although its very early doors yet.

Well done to Man City, who  3 weeks before the opening game of the season were forced to launch a Radio advertising campaign (Piccadilly and Capital) in order to sell their tickets for the Sunderland season opener. Well it very nearly worked, so a massive well done to them. What must PIP think??

Don't forget this week starts early with the Magnificent Reds on Friday.

16 August 2016


Hello cashballer's get in touch with Didd's or myself if you want to enter for the new season.

Regards Paul Lee

03 July 2016
Glyn Norcliffe 340
Cool Colin 335
Harry Lee 332
Shaun Rowarth 327
Andrew Didds 323
Week 25
Harry Lee 19
Cool Colin 19
Andrew Didds 18
Andy Wareham 18
Lewis Jackson 16
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